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Oekraïners Aan Tafel | Ukrainians For Dinner

Toegevoegd op: 28 juli 2022

Ukrainians are invited for dinner by Amsterdam citizens | Inwoners van Amsterdam nodigen Oekraïners uit voor een etentje bij hen thuis. |

As a refugee from Ukraine, you will be warmly welcomed by people who are happy to invite you at their home, to share a meal and a conversation. You can also cook together. It gives you the opportunity to get to know people and it is a very nice introduction to Dutch culture. Participation in our project Ukrainians For Dinner is free. You can join on your own, with your family or with a friend.  Sing up at our website. 


Naam: Stichting Eet Mee

Website: www.eetmee.nl

Telefoon: 030-2213498

E-mail: info@eetmee.nl

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